The intention of the add online zine is to join the public discussion about women’s status and operations in various cultural structures. Our keywords are mainly fluidity, process, openness, care, and environment. Here, a woman is not understood only as an entity designated by gender and biology, yet as a symbol of the one who is oppressed and factitiously weak, or an archetype of somebody who is not taken seriously by the system.

add wants to disprove these stereotypes by the examination of the current social phenomena, the review of the work of Czech and Slovak (queer) creatives, and also through revealing feminist topics in our everyday life.

We realize how important is, especially nowadays, the role of community which would represent a counterweight to the growing influence of certain institutions. We want to display various communities, and thus help the readers peek into them. One of these communities is e.g. a (non)model New Aliens Agency, with whom we intend to explore the questions of authenticity and diversity of beauty.


The add’s self-pronounced basic element is the act of addition and manifestation of a statement, which always counts (+) with its own proofreading.


Editors in chef
Zeynab Gueye // // @liminalz_
Denisa Červená // // @denis.cervena

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Logo Graphic
Felix Filip // @fjelix

English Texts
Kateřina Šímová

Web Art Director
Jakub Ra // @jakubra____

Praha, Česká Republika


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